Ather Rizta Electric Scooter Launched at price of INR 1.10 Lakh

After a considerable break, the well-known electric scooter manufacturer Ather has returned with a bang, introducing its latest family-friendly scooter, the ‘Rizta.’ This scooter isn’t just about looks; it’s designed to charm your entire family with its stylish appearance and features. Priced at a starting point of ₹1.10 lakh (introductory price), it seems Ather is aiming to win over hearts as well as roads.

Ather Rizta Electric Scooter


Ather Rizta Specification & Features

  1. Motor and Power:  The heart of the Ather Rizta beats with a robust 4.3 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), providing ample power for your journeys. Accompanying this powerhouse are two battery options:
    • The Z – 2.9 kWh variant boasts a 2.9 kWh battery capacity, perfect for those prioritizing efficiency.
    • For those seeking extended rides, the Z – 3.7 kWh variant offers a larger 3.7 kWh battery capacity.
    • Recharging the 2.9 kWh battery to full capacity takes around 8.3 hours, ensuring you’re ready to hit the road with renewed energy.
  1. Performance: The Ather Rizta provides an exciting ride experience, thanks to its lively motor that responds promptly. It features two distinct ride modes:
    • Smart Eco Mode: Designed to optimize efficiency for longer rides.
    • Zip Mode: Offers a thrilling and spirited ride for when you’re in the mood for some excitement.
  1. Safety Features: The Ather Rizta comes equipped with several safety features:
    • SkidControl™: Ensures stability, even on slippery roads or surfaces.
    • AutoHold™ Reverse Mode: Makes parking and maneuvering easier and more convenient.
    • Combi Brake System: Improves braking efficiency, enhancing overall safety while riding.
  1. Connectivity and Smart Features: The Ather Rizta offers a range of connectivity and smart features to enhance your riding experience:
    • Halo Bit™: This smart module introduces features like pillion intercom and music sharing.
    • Ather ChitChat: Allows for music sharing while on the go.
    • Crisp Audio: Enjoy a high-quality sound experience.
    • WhatsApp on Dash: Receive alerts directly on the dashboard.
    • Alexa Skills: Utilize voice commands for navigation and more.
  1. Storage Space 
    • With 56 liters of storage space, including 34 liters in the boot and an additional 22 liters in the Frunk, you have plenty of room for your belongings.
    • Organizer compartments help keep your items neatly arranged.
    • The multi-purpose charger socket in the boot allows you to charge devices like phones, tablets, or speakers.

  1. Comfort: Comfort and convenience are also prioritized:
    • A wide pillion backrest ensures a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger.
    • The spacious floorboard provides ample legroom, preventing cramped legs during longer journeys.
    • Tow and theft alerts notify you if the scooter is moved without authorization.

Ather Rizta Variants

The Ather Rizta electric scooter is available in three variants, catering to different preferences and requirements:

  1. Ather Rizta S:
    • The base variant of the Rizta family scooter.
    • Offers essential features and functionality.
    • Ideal for practical urban commuting.
  2. Ather Rizta Z – 2.9 kWh:
    • Comes with a 2.9 kWh battery capacity.
    • Provides a balance of performance and efficiency.
    • Suitable for daily city rides.
  3. Ather Rizta Z – 3.7 kWh:
    • The top variant with a 3.7 kWh battery capacity.
    • Offers extended range and enhanced performance.
    • Perfect for those seeking a premium electric scooter experience.

Ather Rizta Pricing

Ather has clarified that the prices of the Rizta introduced at launch are subject to change in the future. So, without delay, take advantage of this special opportunity. You can book this scooter from any official Ather showroom or website. The company states that deliveries will commence from the month of July.

Ather Rizta Competitor

Let’s compare the Ather Rizta electric scooter with its main rivals in the Indian market:

TVS iQube:

Bajaj Chetak:

Hero Vida V1 Pro:

Ola S1 Pro:

Simple One:

Ather 450X:

In terms of pricing, the Ather Rizta is positioned above the Ather 450 S, making it more expensive than its competitors. However, the Rizta’s unique features, including the spacious seat and wireless charging port, set it apart. Choose the scooter that best suits your needs and preferences!


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