Bajaj Launches World’s First CNG Bike: Gadkari Hails It as ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Sustainable’

Bajaj Launches World’s First CNG Bike: Gadkari Hails It as ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Sustainable’

Bajaj Auto Unveils World’s First CNG Motorcycle, Bajaj Freedom, Heralding a New Era of Eco-Friendly Transportation

In a groundbreaking move, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, unveiled Bajaj Auto’s latest innovation, the Bajaj Freedom, on Friday. Celebrated as the world’s first CNG motorcycle, this launch marks a significant step towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Gadkari lauded the new bike as “eco-friendly” and “sustainable,” emphasizing the urgent need to address pollution issues in India. He highlighted that air, sound, and water pollution are critical concerns for the nation. Additionally, he noted the economic strain of fossil fuel imports, amounting to Rs 20 lakh crore annually.

“We are the third largest automobile industry in the world and it is the growth engine for the country. The industry now is not cost-centric but quality-centric. And that is the reason I am confident that within five years, we will be second in automobile manufacturing in the world,” Gadkari stated.

Bajaj Launches World's First CNG Bike: Gadkari Hails It as 'Eco-friendly' and 'Sustainable'
The bike is available in five colours – Caribbean Blue, Ebony Black, Cyber White, Racing Red, and Pewter Grey. Image/Bajaj Auto


Bajaj Launches World’s First CNG Bike: Gadkari Hails It as ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Sustainable’

Taking to social media platform X, Gadkari described the Bajaj Freedom as a “groundbreaking innovation” that promises to significantly reduce operating costs and pollution. “With this eco-friendly vehicle, Bajaj Auto sets a new standard in sustainable transportation, paving the way for a greener future,” he posted.

Branded with the tagline “Ride the Change,” Bajaj Freedom is designed to slash daily riding expenses in half. It features the most spacious seat in its segment, ensuring superior comfort and ample room for riders. The bike also boasts a mono-linked suspension system, providing a smooth and stable ride even on rough roads. An additional 2-litre auxiliary petrol tank enhances rider convenience.

The CNG cylinder in Bajaj Freedom has a capacity of 12.5 litres/2 kg, offering a range of 100 km/kg. Riders can effortlessly switch between CNG and petrol modes using a switch on the left handlebar.

Starting at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.10 lakh, the Bajaj Freedom is tailored to optimize CNG use, which is inherently hot and dry. The bike’s piston shape and engine machinery are specifically designed for CNG fuel. It features larger cooling jets and fins than standard 125 cc bikes to manage engine temperature effectively.

Safety is a paramount feature of Bajaj Freedom. The bike’s trellis frame provides robust protection for the CNG tank, which is further shielded by an additional tank shield. The motorcycle has undergone extensive safety testing, including impact tests from various angles and extreme scenarios. The CNG tank is certified by the Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organisation, ensuring it meets government safety standards.

Available in five vibrant colors—Caribbean Blue, Ebony Black, Cyber White, Racing Red, and Pewter Grey—the Bajaj Freedom is set to revolutionize the market. This launch underscores Bajaj Auto’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering a greener alternative for riders while enhancing the overall riding experience.

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