New launch: Boat Lunar Oasis Launched in India Featuring Bluetooth Calling and 1.43-Inch AMOLED Display

Boat Lunar Oasis Launched in India Featuring Bluetooth Calling and 1.43-Inch AMOLED Display

Boat Lunar Oasis: The Ultimate Smartwatch for the Modern Lifestyle

Boat, a well-known name in the world of smart wearables, has unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Boat Lunar Oasis, in India. This new addition to their lineup promises to bring a slew of advanced features at an affordable price point, making it an enticing option for tech enthusiasts and fitness buffs alike. Priced at Rs. 3,299, the Boat Lunar Oasis is set to redefine how we interact with smartwatches.

Boat Lunar Oasis Launched in India Featuring Bluetooth Calling and 1.43-Inch AMOLED Display
Boat Lunar Oasis (Photo Credits: Boat)

A Glimpse at the Display and Design

One of the standout features of the Boat Lunar Oasis is its 1.43-inch AMOLED display. With a resolution of 466×466 pixels and 600 nits of brightness, this circular 2.5D screen ensures vibrant visuals and clarity even under direct sunlight. The always-on display feature adds to the convenience, allowing users to check time and notifications without waking the device fully. Navigating through the user interface is seamless, thanks to the crown present on the side of the watch.

Durability and Customization

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, the Boat Lunar Oasis comes with an IP68 rating. This means it is resistant to dust and water, making it ideal for sweaty workouts and unexpected rain showers. Additionally, Boat offers three strap options: Olive Green Magnetic Silicone Strap, Active Black Silicone Strap, and Black Metal Strap, allowing users to choose a style that best suits their personality and preferences.

Performance and Operating System

Under the hood, the Boat Lunar Oasis runs on the Cres+ OS and is powered by Boat’s in-house X1 processor. This combination ensures a smooth and responsive experience, whether you’re navigating through apps, tracking fitness metrics, or making calls. The onboard GPS with turn-by-turn navigation powered by MapmyIndia offers precise directions, making it a handy companion for outdoor activities and travel.

Extensive Fitness and Health Tracking

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the Boat Lunar Oasis’s comprehensive health tracking capabilities. Through the Boat Crest app, users can monitor their blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, heart rate, sleep patterns, and stress levels. The watch also includes activity trackers and sedentary alerts to help users stay active throughout the day. With over 700 active modes, there’s no shortage of ways to keep track of various exercises and activities.

The Boat Lunar Oasis also features a DIY Watch Face Studio, which allows users to create customized animated watch faces. This level of personalization ensures that the watch face can match your mood and outfit, adding a unique touch to your daily accessory.

Connectivity and Smart Features

One of the most convenient features of the Boat Lunar Oasis is its Bluetooth calling support. Users can make and receive calls directly from their wrist, eliminating the need to constantly reach for their phones. Additionally, the smartwatch supports app notifications, text replies, and even the ability to hail an Uber, all without needing to access your connected smartphone.

Other smart features include the ability to control music and camera, receive weather updates, and more. The Emergency SOS mode and a QR Code Tray for storing user QR codes add an extra layer of utility and safety. These features make the Boat Lunar Oasis a versatile and essential tool for managing daily tasks and staying connected on the go.

Battery Life and Availability

A smartwatch is only as good as its battery life, and the Boat Lunar Oasis does not disappoint. Equipped with a 300mAh battery, it is claimed to deliver up to seven days of usage on a single charge, even with frequent Bluetooth calling. This ensures that users can rely on their smartwatch for extended periods without the constant need for recharging.

The Boat Lunar Oasis is priced at Rs. 3,299 and is available for purchase through, Flipkart, and Amazon. It comes with a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind to buyers.


The Boat Lunar Oasis is a feature-packed smartwatch that offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability. With its AMOLED display, extensive health and fitness tracking, customizable watch faces, and smart connectivity features, it caters to a wide range of users looking for a reliable and versatile wearable. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or someone who values convenience, the Boat Lunar Oasis is designed to meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle.

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