Exploring How the CNG Powertrain Operates in the Bajaj Freedom 125

Bajaj Freedom 125: The World’s First CNG-Powered Motorcycle

Bajaj Freedom 125
The Bajaj Freedom 125 is the world’s bike to run on CNG and petrol. (Credits; Bajaj Auto)

Dual-Fuel Engine: CNG and Petrol

The Bajaj Freedom 125 features a 125 cc single-cylinder engine capable of running on both CNG and petrol. This engine produces 9.5 bhp and 9.7 Nm of peak torque, regardless of the fuel used. To manage this dual-fuel capability, the engine is equipped with two distinct engine maps—one for CNG and one for petrol. This allows the motorcycle to maintain consistent performance across both fuel types.

Switching between fuels is seamless, thanks to a switch located on the left handlebar cube. Riders can easily toggle between CNG and petrol modes based on their preference or fuel availability. Notably, the Freedom 125 can start directly in CNG mode and is designed to run entirely on CNG for extended periods. However, Bajaj recommends running the bike on petrol occasionally to ensure the engine’s longevity and optimal performance.

Bajaj Freedom 125 Cut Out
The 125 cc motor is powered by a compactly integrated CNG cylinder and petrol fuel tank. The engine operates using two distinct maps tailored for each fuel option. (Photo Credits:  Bajaj Auto)

Exploring How the CNG Powertrain Operates in the Bajaj Freedom 125

Fueling System: CNG Cylinder and Petrol Tank

Incorporating a CNG cylinder alongside a petrol tank in a motorcycle required innovative engineering. The Bajaj Freedom 125 tackles this challenge by using a 2 kg CNG cylinder that weighs about 15 kg, paired with a 2-litre petrol tank. The CNG cylinder is neatly integrated into the bike’s design, ensuring it does not compromise the overall aesthetics or ride quality.

A common refueling flap provides access to both the CNG and petrol refueling ports. This practical design makes refueling straightforward and convenient. The CNG cylinder offers a significant range, making it ideal for daily commuting, while the petrol tank serves as a reliable backup for longer rides or when CNG refueling stations are not available.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Tank
The 2 kg CNG cylinder is positioned beneath the seat, nestled within the trellis frame, while a 2-litre fuel tank is situated on the bike’s right side. Together, these fuel sources provide a combined claimed range of 330 km. (Photo Credits:  Bajaj Auto)

Cost Efficiency and Running Costs

One of the most compelling aspects of the Bajaj Freedom 125 is its cost efficiency. Bajaj claims a combined fuel efficiency of 330 km from both fuel options. When running on CNG, the motorcycle boasts an impressive fuel efficiency of 102 km per kg. On petrol, it delivers a claimed 65 kmpl. This translates to approximately 204 km on CNG and 130 km on petrol from a full tank and cylinder, respectively.

The cost of running the Freedom 125 is exceptionally low, with Bajaj estimating an operational cost of just ₹1 per km under optimal riding conditions. This makes the Freedom 125 an economical choice for daily commuters, especially in urban areas where fuel prices are a significant concern. The high fuel efficiency and low running costs make this motorcycle an attractive option for cost-conscious riders looking to minimize their commuting expenses.

2024 Bajaj Freedom
2024 Bajaj Freedom offers a cost of ₹1 per kilometer for running expenses. (Photo Credits:  Bajaj Auto)


The Bajaj Freedom 125 represents a significant leap forward in the two-wheeler industry, combining innovative engineering with practical benefits. Its dual-fuel capability provides riders with the flexibility to choose between CNG and petrol, ensuring that they can optimize their riding experience based on fuel availability and cost considerations. The integration of a CNG cylinder alongside a petrol tank demonstrates Bajaj’s commitment to innovation without compromising on design or performance.

With its impressive fuel efficiency, low running costs, and the convenience of dual-fuel operation, the Bajaj Freedom 125 is poised to set a new standard in the commuter motorcycle segment. As the world’s first CNG-powered motorcycle from an OEM, it paves the way for more sustainable and economical transportation options in the future. Whether you’re a daily commuter looking to save on fuel costs or an environmentally conscious rider, the Bajaj Freedom 125 offers a compelling solution that blends innovation with practicality.

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