Rohit Sharma calls 2024 T20 World Cup win his greatest feat

Rohit Sharma calls 2024 T20 World Cup win his greatest feat

Rohit Sharma, speaking passionately in a post-match press conference, described the T20 World Cup victory as the defining moment of his career. Emphasizing the depth of his desire for a world title, he stated, “This has to be the greatest time, I can say that.” He reflected on the significance of his long-standing ambition, explaining, “It’s solely because of how desperately I wanted to win this.” Despite his impressive career statistics, Rohit emphasized that personal milestones were secondary to his ultimate goal of securing victories and trophies for India.

Holding the T20 World Cup trophy beside him, he admitted, “I don’t know if it’s the greatest achievement, but it is definitely one of the greatest, I can say that.” His words conveyed not only the joy of victory but also the profound satisfaction derived from fulfilling a lifelong aspiration on the global stage.

Rohit Sharma calls 2024 T20 World Cup win his greatest feat
Rohit Sharma celebrates with the T20 World Cup trophy. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)


Rohit Sharma calls 2024 T20 World Cup win his greatest feat

Rohit Sharma reiterated his intense desire when questioned about his emotional reaction upon sinking to the ground in celebration after the win. “I really craved this,” he expressed. “It’s difficult to articulate because that moment was incredibly emotional for me personally. I hesitate to describe exactly what I was feeling or thinking at that instant.”

“I wish I could have captured that moment for myself, but it’s not possible. However, it’s something I’ll always remember. Those are the moments you yearn for, and they’re not something you can plan. It happens when you’re intensely driven for certain goals in life, and I was very determined to achieve this. I’m delighted that we finally crossed the finish line this time.”

Rohit Sharma proudly displayed the trophy during the press conference. Since winning his first World Cup in 2007, he has come close to securing another title several times. In 2011, he narrowly missed being selected at the final moment, but he has since played a crucial role in India’s participation in five knockout stages out of six World Cups. The most recent defeat, after an unbeaten streak at home, was particularly devastating for him.

Due to a lack of a definitive transition plan, Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid mutually decided to continue their efforts. Rohit expressed deep admiration for Dravid, stating, “I believe more than any of us, he deserved that trophy.” Recognizing Dravid’s significant contributions to Indian cricket over the past two decades, Rohit felt winning this trophy completed Dravid’s illustrious career achievements. He expressed immense satisfaction on behalf of the entire team for being able to achieve this milestone for their coach, noting Dravid’s evident pride and excitement.

“He has contributed immensely to Indian cricket during his playing days. In the last three years, Rahul Dravid has dedicated himself to working closely with the team. He often had to restrain his natural instincts because it wasn’t always easy for the players to sync with his approach. Rahul bhai adapted by understanding their needs and prioritizing them. He made it a priority to comprehend what the players required and how best to support them. Ultimately, while he couldn’t go out and bat himself, he ensured the team had everything necessary to perform their best.”

“Over the past three years, he has consistently provided clarity on roles for the players. Even those who were not part of the team, he maintained communication with them, keeping them informed about team updates, return timelines, and their future roles. Rahul is known for his thorough approach; he prioritized setting clear expectations from the outset.”

Rohit Sharma suggested there were differing opinions among the think tank before the final, but as captain, he insisted on batting first. He cited his successful track record of winning four out of six IPL titles when batting first, emphasizing his belief in setting a target in crucial matches. He acknowledged that not everyone in the team shared this approach.

“I had a decision to make, and I emphasized that regardless of the pitch conditions, our priority was to set a competitive total and then defend it. I have faith in our bowling talent and have seen what the team is capable of achieving with the ball. So, I was confident that any score we put on the board could be defended effectively.”

“Even if the outcome hadn’t been in our favor, I would have still stood by the decision to bat first. I felt the pitch played quite well throughout the entire 40 overs. Contrary to expectations of it gripping more after the first half, due to the harsh sun and lack of grass, it appeared drier. However, it seemed well-prepared with extensive rolling and watering to ensure a firm surface. We were clear in our strategy to set a target and then defend it.”

While discussing the various contributors to the final victory, Rohit Sharma singled out Jasprit Bumrah for special recognition. Expressing his admiration, Rohit remarked, “I can’t emphasize enough about Bumrah. We’ve witnessed his incredible performances over a long period. Whenever he bowls, he consistently produces magic for us. I feel fortunate to have such talented players in my squad who play not just for me but for Team India. I’m deeply thankful.”

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