CP PLUS Launches Solar-Powered 4G Cameras for Secure Remote Surveillance

CP PLUS Launches Solar-Powered 4G Cameras for Secure Remote Surveillance

CP PLUS, a leading provider of security solutions, has unveiled an innovative series of Solar-Powered AI-enabled 4G Cameras. Leveraging solar energy, artificial intelligence, and 4G connectivity, these advanced cameras deliver unmatched security for residential and commercial settings.

Adopting Intelligent Technology in India

With India swiftly embracing smart technologies, CP PLUS is committed to ensuring the accessibility and efficacy of these innovations for all. Their newest camera lineup mirrors this dedication by providing a robust solution that addresses the escalating security demands of the market.

Breaking Free from Wires with 4G Connectivity

A notable feature of these cameras is their compatibility with 4G SIM cards. This eliminates the need for wires or Wi-Fi, making them ideal for remote areas. Users can benefit from dependable, independent surveillance without concerns about connectivity problems.

CP PLUS Launches Solar-Powered 4G Cameras for Secure Remote Surveillance: Essential Features you should Know

CP PLUS Launches Solar-Powered 4G Cameras
CP Plus Solar Powered Camera (Photo Credit: CP Plus)

Solar-Powered 4MP PT Camera with 7W Solar Panel: Utilizes solar energy for uninterrupted operation, removing dependency on external power supplies. This not only minimizes environmental footprint but also offers a dependable solution, addressing worries regarding power failures or increased electricity costs.

4G LTE Connectivity: Ensures seamless remote monitoring from any location worldwide, providing constant surveillance.

18,000mAH Battery: Guarantees continuous surveillance with a durable, integrated battery.

Full-Color Camera: Offers clear, full-color video even in low-light environments, utilizing spotlights to illuminate dark areas.

Human Body Detection: Quickly identifies human movements and sends immediate alerts, significantly minimizing false alarms. This advanced AI function enhances security, offering peace of mind.

Motion Tracking: Automatically tracks movement within the video frame, monitoring potential threats.

Built-in PIR Sensor: Detects motion and sends instant alerts, boosting security measures.

256GB SD Card Support: Offers ample storage capacity for recorded footage.

Built-in Siren: Serves as a deterrent by triggering an alarm in response to suspicious activity.

Pioneering Security Innovation

CP PLUS remains at the forefront of security innovation with their new solar-powered cameras. They are dedicated to delivering advanced, eco-friendly, and highly efficient security solutions to customers around the globe.

Enhancing Security in India

CP PLUS has been instrumental in advancing security technology in India. Their innovative approach and dedication to incorporating new technologies have positively impacted both businesses and homeowners. From AI-enabled cameras to sustainable solar-powered systems, CP PLUS sets new standards in the security industry.

Perfect for Diverse Uses

These Solar-Powered 4G Cameras are highly versatile, suitable for various applications. Whether it’s securing residential properties, commercial buildings, or monitoring remote areas, they provide a comprehensive solution that combines sustainability, convenience, and exceptional security.

With the release of these cameras, CP PLUS reinforces its dedication to delivering innovative security solutions that address the evolving needs of the market.

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