IndiGo New Seat Selection Option for Females, Female Passengers Given Option to Select Seats Near Other Women! Find Out Why

IndiGo New Seat Selection Option for Females

IndiGo has launched a new feature enabling female travelers to identify seats reserved by other female passengers during web check-in, aiming to enhance safety and comfort for women.

IndiGo New Seat Selection Option for Females, Female Passengers Given Option to Select Seats Near Other Women! Find Out Why
An IndiGo airlines passenger aircraft taxis on the tarmac at Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai(Reuters)


IndiGo New Seat Selection Option for Females Now Female Passengers Given Option to Select Seats Near Other Women! Find Out Why

The airline stated that the feature is customized for Passenger Name Records (PNRs) with female travelers, whether traveling alone or as part of family bookings. This initiative is currently in pilot mode and aligns with their ethos of empowering women.

Following several unfortunate incidents on flights in the past, including an incident in January 2023 where a male passenger urinated on an elderly female passenger on an Air India flight, a professor’s assault on a doctor on a Delhi-Mumbai IndiGo flight in July 2023, and a woman being groped on a Mumbai-Guwahati IndiGo flight in September 2023, this feature was introduced.

The decision to introduce a feature allowing female passengers to select seats near other women during web check-in comes in response to a series of distressing incidents that occurred on flights in recent years. These incidents have raised concerns about the safety and comfort of female travelers aboard aircraft.

In January 2023, a highly publicized incident on an Air India flight shocked the nation when a male passenger reportedly urinated on an elderly female passenger. This egregious act drew widespread condemnation and highlighted the vulnerability of passengers, particularly women, to such incidents.

Similarly, in July 2023, another alarming incident took place on a Delhi-Mumbai IndiGo flight, where a professor allegedly assaulted a female doctor. This incident underscored the need for measures to ensure the safety and security of female passengers during air travel.

Furthermore, in September 2023, a woman was reportedly groped on a Mumbai-Guwahati IndiGo flight, further emphasizing the urgency of addressing safety concerns for female travelers.

In response to these incidents and the growing concern for the safety of female passengers, IndiGo has taken proactive steps to enhance their travel experience. By allowing female passengers to choose seats near other women during web check-in, the airline aims to provide them with a sense of security and comfort during their journey.

This initiative reflects IndiGo’s commitment to prioritizing passenger safety and addressing the specific needs of female travelers. It also underscores the importance of proactive measures in ensuring a safe and inclusive travel environment for all passengers.

The airline mentioned that this feature was implemented following market research to enhance the travel comfort of their female passengers.

Recently, the largest airline in the country revealed its intention to introduce a business class in flights this year. This move aims to offer passengers more choices amid increasing economic growth. IndiGo plans to unveil a customized business product around August, coinciding with the carrier’s 18th anniversary. This announcement follows closely after the airline’s decision, less than a month ago, to purchase 30 wide-body aircraft, as reported by news agency PTI.

The airline currently offers only economy class seating and operates a fleet of over 360 aircraft with approximately 2,000 daily flights. IndiGo declared its intention to introduce a custom business product specifically tailored for India’s busiest and business-centric routes. Highlighting the need to evolve alongside the country’s thriving economy and evolving societal aspirations, IndiGo aims to redefine premium travel in India and broaden the accessibility of this service.

Pieter Elbers, CEO of IndiGo, stated, “India’s growth journey over the past 18 years has been closely tied to IndiGo’s own development. As India progresses toward becoming the world’s third-largest economy, we are honored to offer the evolving Indian market an expanded array of travel options, particularly in the business segment.”

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