PM Modi Mocks Congress’ Surrender as Rahul-Vijayan Clash Escalates: ‘Stay Strong,’ He Urges

PM Modi Urges Political Rivals: ‘Work Hard for Democracy,’ Despite Electoral Outlook

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked that the Congress has already conceded defeat after the first phase of Lok Sabha polls, while the parties within the INDIA bloc are embroiled in internal conflicts. He urged rival parties to persevere for democracy, even in the face of potential electoral losses.

While addressing a rally in Maharashtra’s Nanded PM Modi said” To all the workers and leaders of other parties, even if you feel that you are going to lose the elections and why should you work hard- I want to say work hard for democracy”

PM Modi
PM Modi addresses an election rally for Lok Sabha polls, in Nanded. (Image: PTI)


After the initial phase of elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) conducted a thorough analysis at the booth level, revealing significant support from voters for the party. He also said “Yesterday, the first phase of polling concluded. After the polling concluded, the analysis that was done on the booth level and the information that was received confirms that in the first phase, there has been one-sided voting for NDA”

PM Modi Calls Out Congress’ Defeatism, INDIA Bloc Disunity; Kerala CM’s Swipe at Rahul Gandhi

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the rally in Nanded. The state will witness elections across 48 Lok Sabha constituencies in five phases. In 2019, the BJP secured 23 out of the 25 seats it contested alongside the undivided Shiv Sena. During the rally, PM Modi took aim at the Congress, suggesting that the party has already admitted defeat. He noted that some Congress leaders are resorting to securing power through the Rajya Sabha.

PM Modi also highlighted divisions within the INDIA bloc to the rally attendees. He referenced recent exchanges between Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

“The alliance partners are engaged in mutual insults. Kerala CM’s remarks about Shehzada were particularly harsh, even beyond what I would say. He directed these comments toward his own partner. This illustrates their situation,” PM Modi remarked, using ‘shehzada’, a Persian-Urdu term meaning ‘prince’, to refer to Rahul Gandhi.

During a significant election rally in Kozhikode, Chief Minister Vijayan made a pointed remark directed at Rahul Gandhi, suggesting that he should move on from his old image. This comment seems to echo past criticisms from Marxist veteran VS Achuthanandan, who referred to Gandhi as an “Amul Baby” years ago.

PM Modi, speaking at the rally, predicted internal discord within the INDIA bloc partners, suggesting they would engage in intense conflict by June 4. He also remarked on Rahul Gandhi’s electoral prospects in Wayanad, implying that he would have to retreat from the constituency as he did from Amethi.

PM Modi highlighted a perceived crisis for Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad, implying that the Congress leader would seek refuge elsewhere due to internal strife within the alliance. This parallels Gandhi’s departure from Amethi and suggests a similar outcome in Wayanad.

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