Priyanka Jarkiholi Youngest Tribal Woman Wins Unreserved Seat

Priyanka Jarkiholi Youngest Tribal Woman Wins Unreserved Seat

Congress nominee and Minister Satish Jarkiholi’s daughter, Priyanka Jarkiholi, triumphed in Chikkodi, defeating incumbent MP and BJP leader Annasaheb Jolle.

Priyanka Jarkiholi has made history by becoming the youngest tribal woman to secure a seat in Parliament from an unreserved constituency in Karnataka since independence. Remarkably, the BJP secured all seats in Mumbai Karnataka except for Chikkodi.

Priyanka Jarkiholi also achieved several significant milestones. She is the first woman from the tribal community to win an unreserved seat in Karnataka. Additionally, she is only the second leader from a reserved community to win a general seat, following Kotturu Hariharappa Ranganath, who served as a Lok Sabha member from Chitradurga between 1984-89.

Ms. Priyanka will also be among the youngest individuals to ever enter Parliament. As of June 4, she is 27 years, 1 month, and 18 days old. The minimum age requirement for contesting in Parliament elections is 25 years.

Priyanka Jarkiholi Youngest Tribal Woman Wins Unreserved Seat (Credits: The Hindu)


Sagar Khandre, another successful Congress nominee from Bidar, is even younger. He is 26 years, 5 months, and 24 days old.

In the past, the Chikkodi constituency has witnessed unexpected outcomes. Ratnamala Pol Savanur, a professor at a law college, secured victory over MP and Union Minister B. Shankaranand on seven occasions in 1996. Ms. Savanur, a Janata Party candidate, did not receive a renomination in 1998. Subsequently, Ramesh Jigajinagi won the following three elections, representing three different parties – Janata Dal, Lok Shakti, and BJP.

Priyanka Jarkiholi Youngest Tribal Woman Wins Unreserved Seat :A Rising Political Force Advocating for Women’s Empowerment and Accountability

In an April interview with The Hindu, Priyanka Jarkiholi emphasized the importance of increased female involvement in public affairs. She stressed the necessity for more women in politics to ensure effective governance through legislation and program implementation. However, she also emphasized the importance of demonstrating capability through actions. Jarkiholi highlighted the public’s interest in understanding the impact of providing reservations to women in rural and urban local bodies. She acknowledged concerns about women from political backgrounds potentially being influenced by male family members rather than making independent decisions. Jarkiholi believes that women who have the opportunity to serve the public should address such questions.

Acknowledging her background, Priyanka Jarkiholi recognizes that she was born into a family with considerable influence and unique privileges. Being the sole female member in the second generation of the Jarkiholi dynasty, renowned for its dominance in district politics since the late 90s, she is acutely aware of her position. As an MBA graduate, she holds significant stakes in 14 companies across various sectors including tourism, sugar, mining, and infrastructure.

“I possess multiple identities – I’m a young individual, the daughter of a Minister, and a tribal woman fortunate enough to receive a post-graduate education. I don’t shy away from these identities. However, to be an effective leader or competent, one must prove oneself. That’s what I aim to do,” she stated.

On June 4, she expressed her intention to dedicate her victory to the people of the Lok Sabha. “This achievement was made possible solely due to the relentless efforts of party workers, leaders, and the unwavering support of all the voters. Party leaders and MLAs campaigned tirelessly for me as if it were their own election. The welfare schemes initiated by the Congress and the positive image of my father greatly contributed to my success,” she remarked.

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